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Businesses Will Pivot to a ‘Voice First’ Strategy Soon, Say CIOs

In digital transformation, voice recognition acts as a critical data set and holds a much higher value than any other form of communication.

In this article at Information Age, Nick Ismail explains voice as a form of communication that provides real intelligence and drives valuable business outcomes.

The ‘Voice First’ Strategy

According to the new research from Red Box, businesses are expected to pivot to a ‘voice first’ strategy in the forthcoming years. At present, a vast majority of businesses are capturing only partial voice data sets that are largely inaccessible.

However, in the next five years, a clear shift is recognizing the value of the voiced word. About 95 percent of C-Suite Executives regard voice data as much value to the organization.

AI & Analytics

Fast-growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies has made voice data sets accessible, offering significant business opportunities to the organizations. However, for fueling AI engines and analytics, the data needs to be easily accessible.

Organizations need to embrace an automated transcription service to reap maximum benefit out of AI engines and analytics. Improved staff training and customer service and compliance are some of the most common use cases for transcribing calls.

This clearly portrays a clear need for holistic and accurately transcribed datasets for high-quality audio capture in the creation of ‘AI-ready’ data sets. The idea of a ‘Voice First’ enterprise is clearly in the sight of a majority of CIOs in the near future, yet few of them are already exploiting its full potential. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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