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7 Digital Transformation Myths Today’s CIOs Should Bust

In a recent study, 1,600 business leaders opined that digital transformation is the key to their company’s successful future. While digital transformation is about technological advancement, it is not limited to that. In this article at CIO, Fujitsu’s Dr. Alex Bazin talks about the 7 digital transformation myths today’s CIOs should bust.

What Doesn’t Define Digital Transformation

Digital transformation for one company can mean upgrading legacy systems and introducing new technologies. For another organization, it is introducing new policies for an innovative corporate culture. Since the digital transformation is still a vague term for many, various myths have collected through the years. Following are the 7 digital transformation myths today’s CIOs should bust:

  1. An Idea Is All That You Need: Wrong! Majority of the organizations think that they are riding the digital transformation wave if their innovation labs generate fresh ideas. You also must create a business model around it and see if you have the resources and infrastructure to back them up.
  2. Only Digital Natives Can Transform: Wrong! A lot of companies are heavily dependent on legacy applications even now. CIOs should review the modern technologies that are applicable to the business. Digital transformation is a gradual process, so take your time to incrementally upgrade your internal processes and systems.
  3. More Data Means Better Digital Transformation: Wrong! After collecting data, analysts must evaluate it to extract value. It is not the quantity but the quality of the data that companies can utilize in their transformation journey.
  4. AI, ML, Blockchain Are the Flavor of the Season: Wrong! Though several companies are introducing AI, machine learning, and blockchain, not all require using it. You can derive value by finding new use cases for an existing ERP system or integrating AI with it.
  5. CIO Role Is Optional: Wrong! CIOs understand the technology aspect of the digital transformation plan. Business inputs from other C-suite executives can help them create a strategy that benefits both the business and IT.
  6. Digitization Will Take Away Human Jobs: Wrong! Online stores and shops will increase but there will still be demands for physical stores. Repetitive jobs will be automated so that companies can utilize the human workforce in creative work spaces.
  7. Not Applicable to All the Industries: Wrong! Digital transformation can happen in any industry. As the transformation is customer-centric, any company that does not create value based on consumers will bite the dust sooner.

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