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What’s Stressing Out Project Leaders the Most?

Rich Mironov gave a group of project leaders a small survey to understand what concerns them the most. 120 out of the 380 he reached out to participated and some common issues came up. In this article at Mironov Consulting, Rich Mironov shares the main concerns of the project leaders.

Primary Concerns of Project Leaders

35% of the project leaders were stressed out about failing to identify actual problems and creating solutions for them. 11% of the respondents thought training product managers and mentoring the teams to deal with the customers are painful. 10% believed managing stakeholders and resources while maintaining focus on project and portfolio goals as stressful. Meanwhile, 8% opined that problems in authority and product orientation are challenging.

Managing Problem Areas:

Building the right product is a concern for project leaders as they must need stakeholder buy-ins for that. Also, they are assigned to several products. So, they must balance the features, resource allocation, and cross-functional duties across the products. Experienced product managers are less in number. Product leaders need to find alternate solutions like new hires, SMEs, or professionals with certificates. Getting ideas is not the problem, getting stakeholder buy-ins is. Majority of the project leaders spend more time pitching for their vision or project teams. The least of all their worries is understanding the user stories or project specifications.

Different Companies, Different Stories:

It is expected that small businesses will have fewer product managers. However, the hiring does not increase drastically with the size of the company. For a 100x larger company, the management would employ just 5x more product managers. In fact, product leaders of small companies have concerns on almost everything including development procedures, stakeholder buy-ins, etc. However, they displayed reduced concerns in areas of training or mentoring and hiring. Moreover, Mironov observes that today’s product management is more focused on delivering customer-centric values than being technologically advanced.

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