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Leadership Tips to Defeat Fear of Failure

Running away is not the ideal approach of defeating fear but moving towards and through it is. Fear is the constant companion of those who believe and accept reality.

In this blog at Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell explains four smart ways to defeat fear as eliminating it is not possible.

Ways to Defeat Fear

Fear gives you a fragile dimension and the key to beat fear is you stop thinking only about the present and start focusing on what may happen if you stopped doing what was right. Holding on to what is essential to you is even worse than hiding from your biggest fear and the best leaders face their fear with courage. Here is how:

  1. Acknowledge Fear: By pretending or bolstering courage you cannot beat fear. Instead, explain and prepare yourself for the best way to face and combat your fear. Successful leaders admit and acknowledge their fear and help others in defeating it too.
  2. Connect with Others: Another smart approach to beat fear is to connect with someone who has taken the same road and made a mark for himself. By listening to others you may end up gathering courage for yourself which is not a bad idea.
  3. Take Action: Powerful actions can defeat fears not playing it safe. Inaction is one of the worst ways of defeating fear. Bystanders justify inaction while leaders step towards fear to conquer them.
  4. Benefit the Team: An impactful leader leads by setting an example for others. Thereby, defeat your fear to inspire your team. A purpose beyond you enables courage within yourself and it will surely leave a lasting impression on the team.

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