How CIOs Can Increase Diversity in the IT Department

The first step the CIO is called upon to take when fixing the diversity problem is to admit that there is a problem, next, he needs to define what diversity will mean for his department. Once these steps are carried out, Dr. Jim Anderson describes the next few steps to successfully address the problem in his article in

How the CIO Can Fix IT’s Diversity Problem

  • It falls on the CIO to take the lead in fixing the diversity problem. The first thing to do is to visit all parts of the IT infrastructure and engage teams in discussions about diversity.
  • After this, the CIO should collate the information received from the discussions with the IT department and bring it back to HQ. Then the CIO must find ways to integrate this data into the IT department’s diversity strategy – this way the IT department will recognize that the CIO values their input, and that action is being taken to meet their needs.
  • Reports must now be generated by the CIO to determine how the IT department is doing, as far as diversity is concerned. The CIO must take care not to overly focus on the numbers here (as they may appear positive), and instead view diversity as a long-term strategy. Therefore, the CIO must understand that the diversity problem isn’t something that can be remedied in the short-term and realize that it will take some time to get this right.
  • The CIO must also be aware that diversity and inclusion can be achieved to a certain extent by employee participation. Therefore, the CIO must allow everyone to come to the table with an open mind.

Diversity can bring about better creativity, brighter ideas, and allow teams and team members to interact in a better manner. However, it is important to recognize, as stated before, that this will take time and effort on the part of CIO. Therefore, the CIO should take on the responsibility to make the IT department a bit more diverse every day.

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