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7 Trends to Expect in the Field of Analytics Now

Analytics is trending now, thanks to connected devices, privacy breaches, and data leaks. There are positive changes too. You are getting better search results and relevant ads. In this article at CMSWire, Pierre DeBois talks about 7 trends you can expect in the field of analytics now.

Tracking Down the Analytics Trends

With the influx of mobile devices, companies are getting data which can be relevant, seemingly relevant, or interlinked. Following are the 7 trends to expect this year:

  1. Customer Is Still the King: You can access files from your phone now. Soon, you can access them from cars and home applications. This trend means that companies are trying to attract customers by offering digital access. Companies are going to rely more on analytics to find that unique factor that would give them a competitive edge.
  2. Machine Learning Will Support Business Growth: Google bought Omniture while Microsoft got GitHub and R Programming. This made both the companies grab a massive hold in the analytics market. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon will gradually include everything in their cloud services, from analytics to training.
  3. Increasing Importance of Storing Data: ML is making data providers offer data visualization and query features that would help in data analytics. MongoDB has come up with MongoDB Charts. More companies will follow suit.
  4. The Privacy Feature: GDPR was introduced in 2018 and was an important landmark for privacy laws. Brands are realizing that their reputation depends on how they approach privacy. GDPR and other privacy laws are leading to a new kind of service called governance as a service (GaaS).
  5. Social Media Affected by Data Breaches: Several privacy incidents happened on the Facebook platform. News of fake accounts on Twitter and Instagram also did their rounds. These incidents reduced the credibility of social media. People are skeptical about giving away their personal details for the sake of staying connected. So, a company will know that its consumers trust the brand if its social media metrics are showing a positive
  6. Video Marketing Is the Flavor of the Season: Google reports say that people watch videos more frequently than before. This means companies consider video marketing as an effective to increase conversion rates and popularity through analytics.
  7. Vetting the Digital Advertisements: The Facebook fiasco made several marketers feel wary about ads. Analytics will play a big role in understanding which campaign formats work for a company.

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