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5 Tough Career Calls a CSIO Must Take With Poise

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are senior-level executives who are in-charge of security for the business. They may oversee all aspects of an organization’s vulnerabilities, including physical, and data security.

In this article at TechRepublic, Macy Bayern shares a report gathered by Kudelski Security on CISOs and CIOs of global enterprises to comprise in their Customer Advisory Council. The report determines some tough questions CISOs face from board members, and the best strategies to answer them.

The Takeaway

Proper responses to these questions will help in reinforcing security program strategies, showing cooperation between business objectives and evolving security contexts. Here is how to answer:

1.    How secure are you?

The council recommends reckoning about cybersecurity and knowledge of security. One of the top response strategies were to set expectations, fill in knowledge gaps, communicate the journey, and validate your state of security. Explain that if the perfect security plan does not exist, then dive into areas of cybersecurity, communicate your current and long-term goals before presenting metrics that affirm your statement.

2.    How do you know about security breach?

Outlining a response plan, and using metrics to validate it. Use a storyboard to display the previous breach and explain how you have made adjustments to overview your current incident response plan, and finally use metrics to support analysis.

3.    Do you compare your security program with peers in the industry?

Use an industry standard framework as a benchmark, directly compare security spending to peers, or compare the maturity of different areas in your current program to answer this one.

4.    Do you have enough resources for cybersecurity program?

The best way is to show how your current program is supporting the organization’s mission and goals. Demonstrate good supervision, and identify possible roadblocks while providing solutions.

5.    Define Effectiveness of Your Security Program.

Reinforce security program strategies, show cooperation between business objectives and evolve security contexts. Also, highlight the success of your programs in the past events.

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