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5 Exclusive Tips from the Successful CIOs

With companies focusing more on digital initiatives, CIOs are gaining more grounds. Today, IT leaders are making strategies by coming out of their passive support functional role. A Fuze’s survey suggests that 80 percent of CIOs insist IT will make businesses succeed. However, 58 percent of the respondents regretted to have not progressed much with their promise. In this article at Fuze, Amanda Maksymiw discusses 5 exclusive tips from the successful CIOs.

How CIOs Can Succeed

Fuze has interviewed several successful IT leaders who are transforming the workplace to improve the chance of organizational success. Following are the exclusive tips that Fuse received from the successful CIOs:

  • Continuous Learning: Employee demographics are diversifying with each passing day. Their comfort levels with technology too are different. IT leaders must guide the workforce to adapt to new tools and technologies faster.
  • Enabling Productivity: CIOs should not just dole out policies, technologies, tools to the workers. They must also give them the confidence to improve their productivity. Even if you are not co-located, you can always encourage them by utilizing various platforms.
  • Cloud: As per Fuse’s “Breaking Barriers 2020”, 75 percent of ‘App Generation’ wants to work on new tools at work. You can upgrade tools faster if you invest in cloud-based tools rather than legacy systems that take months to upgrade. Also, innovative tools would convince the new-age talent pool to work for you.
  • Innovation Is Necessary: Today’s IT leaders are involved in multiple things other than IT, so innovation takes a backseat sometimes. However, instead of working all on your own, collaborate. Have your communication channels and doors open for ideas to flow in.
  • Flexibility: It is good to have a standard based on which you work, but ensure you also upgrade it as needed. Be ready to adapt to new technologies and help the workforce as you progress.

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