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4 Leaders Define 4 Realistic Strategies to Achieve Their Goals

It is important for leaders to achieve their goals to improve their credibility in the company. It might sound quite simple but realistically it is a daunting task. In this article at Michael Hyatt’s blog, Andrea Williams shares how four leaders achieved their goals in 4 realistic ways.

Strategies Leaders Took to Achieve Goals

There can be different ways to achieve goals and success does not depend on leaders alone. However, you must shoulder responsibility when the project fails. Williams shares 4 realistic strategies that helped 4 leaders to achieve their goals:

  1. Encouraging Ownership: Signify consultant and founder Kristi Porter opines that leaders must encourage ownership. It improves productivity. In her bi-weekly meetings, she makes everyone plan goals. This makes all realize their shared responsibility in the progress of the project.
  2. Keeping Goals on the Top of Everyone’s Mind: Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company co-founder and ex-president Horst Schulze thinks that you should revise goals regularly. He has come up with 24 customer service goals. A team leader talk about one of them in the daily 10-minute standup calls. This allows team members to stay up-to-date with their goals.
  3. Scheduling Goals: BlackBeard’s Media owner Jameson Sharp recounts how not achieving smaller goals stagnated business growth in one of his companies. Today, he writes down his daily task so that he does not miss out on any ever.
  4. Goal Status Visibility: Techees founder and CEO Brianna Rooney writes down her goals on post-it notes and keeps them plain view. Out of the 25, she zeroes in on the top five. A leader must encourage teams to keep their goals right in front of them to help achieve them on time. Apart from achieving professional milestones, this strategy helped Rooney to attain some personal goals too.

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