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10 Technology Trends CIOs Must Be Aware of This Year

CIOs must be aware of the new technology trends that are expected to gain grounds this year. A popular research firm thinks that intelligent digital mesh is going to be the talk of the town even this year. In this article at BusinessTech, get to know about the 10 technology trends CIOs must be aware of this year.

CIOs Versus Technology Trends

David Cearley is of the opinion that various trends are going to merge to evolve into new ones this year. Following are the 10 technology trends CIOs must be aware of this year:

  1. Autonomous Devices and Collaboration: While AI will largely influence the autonomous industry, there might be a rise in collaborating efforts too. Coordinating intelligent machines might require little human inputs to accomplish tasks.
  2. Advancement in Augmented Analytics: Companies will adopt augmented analytics for data management and analysis for better processes and platforms. HR, finance, sales, marketing, customer service, procurement, and asset management will maximize benefits. Demands of citizen data scientists will rise around 2020.
  3. More Artificial Intelligence Solutions: Data scientists must now collaborate with application developers to come up with enhanced AI solutions. One of the technology trends by 2022 would be to expect AI co-developers in application development projects.
  4. The Proliferation of Digital Twins: The research firm’s report suggests that there will be 20 billion sensors and digital twins by 2020.
  5. Prioritization of Edge Computing: The potential for growth in edge computing is immense as it will reduce latency and improve local traffic management. Instead of deploying a new architecture, CIOs can rely on cloud and edge computing to utilize cloud services. 5G will bring forth maturer models.
  6. Changing Landscape of VR, AR, and MR: Instead of standalone conversational platforms, VR, AR, and mixed reality (MR) will transform into providing panoramic experiences.
  7. Blockchain Transparency: Though the existing blockchain technologies are unreliable, advancements in this field will be rapid. Technology trends like this are meant to become more popular as days go by.
  8. Intelligent Ecosystems: Technology trends will come to a full circle when you are connected with humans, processes, services, and devices in smart spaces. This is enabled through ‘open, connected, coordinated and intelligent ecosystems.’
  9. Concerns Regarding Digital Privacy: Since people are aware of digital privacy issues, organizations must pay increase dialog in this field.
  10. The Popularity of Quantum Computing: Though unheard of, this is one of the technology trends that CIOs must be keen on this year. Automotive, financial, insurance, pharmaceuticals, military, and research firms are going to make use of quantum computing in the coming years.

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