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What Comes First—IT Experience or IT Certifications

When a survey was conducted among TechRepublic CIO Jury, 83 percent ruled in favor of IT certifications. Technology Pointe CIO Dustin Bolander gives a balanced opinion. He says that experience is more important, but you can gain customer confidence through valid certificates. In this article at TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco Rayome discusses the million-dollar question: what comes first—IT experience or IT certifications.

Can IT Certifications Trump Experience, Really?

Companies increase the pay package as soon as their employees get IT certifications. While some say experience improves and stabilizes a resource’s quality of work, IT certifications look pretty on resumes. Nevertheless, DMJ & Co. IT manager Eric Panknin insists that hands-on experience has more credibility. He also acknowledges that a degree can set a recognizable standard for a company’s capabilities and services.

Who Needs a Certificate Anyway?

Technology coordinator Jeff Kopp says that a college graduate with a professional degree has more chances to impress employers. National Council on Compensation Insurance CIO and CDO Michael Spears clarifies this necessity. IT certifications might not give the fresher proficiency but showcases a zeal to provide value to the company.

While employers bank on validation, KIMS Hospitals CIO Inder Davalur points out that IT certifications must be tangible for organizations. Those should also help employees in their future career choices. VectorCSP director David Wilson swears by experience. He also recommends to factor in the standard of the institutions that are doling out IT certifications. Sheppard Robson Architects LLC director Simon Johns explains why he would choose experience over certifications any day. There are resources that come with too many specializations to companies. This type of candidates might use your company training courses to meet their own goals. They learn for their gain rather than for the company.

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