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How to Break Away from these 3 Project Management Stereotypes

If you are experienced in project management, you are used to being stereotyped by now. There are people that typecast your role wrongly. The only way to deal with this type of typecasting is speaking up. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Tucker Sauer-Pivonka discusses how you can deal with these 3 project management stereotypes.

Clearing the Air About Project Management

Some of your colleagues got their wrong ideas about project management from experience. That is how the phrase came into being—people leave managers, not companies, right? If you do not want people to generalize project management, deal with it in the following 3 ways:

  1. Project Management Is an Unnecessary Cost:

Though project management might not have tangible results, it is a catalyst to produce better team deliveries. Companies only feel its need when things are not working out. If clients think they can do without project management, pose the following questions:

  • How would they interact with the team?
  • Are they are going to follow up with the team in weekly or bi-weekly meetings?
  • Will they be available to address issues, concerns, or challenges that the team would encounter daily?
  • Will they create templates, user stories, timelines, roadmaps, reports, etc. for the project?
  • Will the clients respect your work culture so that the team can work comfortably with them?
  1. Project Management Is About Deadlines and Budgets:

Though the majority of the project managers set a bad example in this matter, you can set the records straight. Focus more on relationship management, communication, and adjustments for a better work environment. Do the following to provide more value than just meeting the deadlines and budgets:

  • Ask Feedback from Clients and Teammates: Ask for feedback during meetings or over emails or surveys. This will help you understand the risks and weaknesses the project has and you can address them on time.
  • Ask Questions and Provide Feedback: Though you might not know a line of coding, you know the client requirements. Ask if the teammates can fulfill the requirements and why, if not.
  • Bond with Your Team and Clients: Break that ice between you and the team and the clients by having one-on-ones and cordial relationships.
  1. Project Managers Are Always Politically Correct

It is a dilemma that you face in everyday project management. While you cannot discuss management decisions with teammates, clients complain that you fling challenges at them at the last minute. Both the clients and team say that you save yourself before everyone else. While holding back important information might seem important, do not keep it to yourself for too long. Having a transparent conversation is the best way to win hearts.

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