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How The Role of ITSM Professionals Will Change by 2022

James West, in his article appearing in says that the role of ITSM professionals could be very different by the time 2022 rolls by. He uses data from IDC to make predictions. So then, are you an ITSM pro? Then read on to find out how your role could change in just a few years’ time.

How Will it Change?

Rather than simple traditional measures of success, IT looks slated to be driven from the highest level in an effort to contribute to business objectives. The vast majority of IT leaders (80%) by 2020 will be remunerated based on metrics “that measure IT’s effectiveness in driving business performance and growth”. Therefore, IT pros will move away from IT operational measures, and towards delivering against business goals.

What About CIOs?

As a result of the shift from day-to-day IT management, the progressive use of technology will take center stage. As much as 75% of CIOs by 2022 who fail to shift towards innovation and distortion, will fail in their roles.

Besides this, automation will be used increasingly to free up resources, with 70% of CIOs predicted to use data and AI by the year 2021. As a result, 65% of IT leaders will increase their use of agile and DevOps practices.

Shortage of Skills

The scale of change as predicted will entail that IT will suffer on account of a shortage of skills – at least 30% of the required skills pool will be inadequate. Therefore, training and retention of employees could well become differentiating strategies for companies.

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