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Five Traits of Successful Project Managers

In his article appearing in, David Baker takes a closer look at what makes some project managers more successful than others. He summarizes his thoughts under five key traits which are described below.

  1. Organizational Abilities

While methodologies such as PRINCE2 and Six Sigma provide managers with analytical skills, having an inherent organizational trait can be an added advantage. The best managers are adept at managing multiple tasks, processes and people all at once, while others struggle.

2. Leadership and Diplomacy

Good project managers combine acquired and innate skills to give them the edge. As such, they can discern when to be a leader and when mere communication is more important. Good managers also maintain high morale while also inspiring loyalty.

Being diplomatic can be very useful too. Managers should be aware as to when tact and discretion is necessary – this is especially crucial when competing agendas threaten to hinder a project’s progress. Diplomacy can also play a part in letting team members know which tasks to prioritize over others.

3. Integrity

Project managers should be able to demonstrate integrity and accountability – this will help keep team members on board and motivated towards the desired result. Instituting a reputation for integrity can help establish trust and will unite people across the organization towards a common objective.

4. Communication

Effective communication can be both a tactic and a skill for project managers. As such, they should employ both empathy and insight for effective communication. Besides, while different people have different agendas, communicating with them at their own levels can ensure that they all work together effectively.

Good communication must move in both directions in the project hierarchy – therefore, effective feedback and an open and transparent reporting structure is important too. Besides this, there shouldn’t be too much information shared so as to cause confusion. On the other hand, team members shouldn’t feel that they are left in the dark either. It’s also crucial to open up lines of communication with the wider business world and potential users, as well.

5. Strategic Thinking

Experienced managers have learned to think strategically and are able to plan and adapt to unpredictable scenarios, while always keeping the project on course.

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