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CIOs, 10 IT Forecasts for the Coming 5 Years

CIOs are always on their feet as new technologies are mushrooming every day. These developments have resulted in drastic changes in business models too. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, know the 10 IT forecasts for the coming 5 years.

Are CIOs Bracing for the Inevitable?

From transforming the work culture to revamping organizational infrastructure, CIOs are working around the clock. IDC’s annual FutureScape foretells the following IT forecasts for the coming 5 years that CIOs must be aware of:

  1. Connectivity to Become Agile too: 70% of CIOs will be offering ‘agile connectivity’ as that will become the primary requisite by 2021. APIs and architectures will connect to devices through the cloud, developers, startups, etc.
  2. AI Will Be More Prevalent: To improve cost efficiency, organizational agility, and invention, 70% of CIOs will deploy artificial intelligence and apply data everywhere. Be it procedures, applications, or developments, organizations will depend heavily on artificial cognition and data analysis by 2021.
  3. Rehauling Governance: To prevent risks and improve chances, 65% of CIOs have to revamp governance policies by 2022. With AI, ML, data breaches, etc. becoming the new normal, it is only natural to adopt new policies and ethics.
  4. Normalizing Digital Transformation: By 2022, 75% of digitally transformed companies will create strategies. With state-of-the-art architecture, software, and framework, their business models will boast of better innovative strategies.
  5. Cyber Trust Network: 60% of companies will have a trust network by 2022 to save themselves from cyber attacks.
  6. KPIs as the Measuring Units: 80% of IT leadership will map its success based on KPIs and metrics by 2020.
  7. Inevitable Failures: 75% of CIOs must create a more digitally transformed IT team by 2022. This will increase the chance of surviving disruption and steep competition.
  8. Skills Supply: There will be a skills gap of 30% by 2022 for innovative technologies.
  9. Agile Becoming More Widespread: 65% of companies will adopt agile or DevOps by 2021.
  10. The Necessity of Division: 70% of CIOs that are unable to maintain division in governance, strategy, and operations will fail eventually by 2023.

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