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7 Traits that Are too Contradictory for a Leader

While a good leader can lead a team to success, immature leadership can ruin it. Your abilities are put to test during a bad phase. Some actions really do the opposite of what you intend to do with the team. In this article at Medium, Jordan “J’ Gross discusses 7 traits that are too contradictory for a leader.

Contradictory Characteristics of a Leader

You get all sorts of support when the team is achieving success. However, it is a leader that inspires the team to perform better during difficult times. Before you fight for that coveted seat, be warned that leadership is more about giving than receiving. If you are up for the challenge, eliminate the following 7 traits to become a great leader:

  1. Criticizing Defaulter in Front of Others: You might demoralize the team by criticizing one of its members in front of all. The huddle would seem more like a trial room then. Choose a public forum to praise. Though you might be fuming inside, calm yourself down and provide constructive feedback that the underperformer can work on.
  2. Taking Credits for the Team Effort: You become a leader when you think it is time for you to give back to the company. If the team has successfully delivered a great product, acknowledge their efforts. You can take credits once or twice, but they will revolt before you could make this a regular habit.
  3. Refusing Accountability: BP CEO Tony Hayward refused accountability for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion. He blamed it on the drilling rig company instead. In the effort, he hardly empathized with the families that lost their dear ones in the explosion. This resulted in myriads of other problems for the company. You should always take accountability to start rebuilding relationships.
  4. Self Before Everything Else: Not only did Hayward ignore accountability, he wanted to get back to his old life. When everything is crumbling in the background, a leader should be the last one to leave the ship.
  5. Aversion to Change: Despite his creativity, Walt Disney would have shut shop long back had not his brother taken over the business. A leader must adapt to the incoming changes and upgrade as and when necessary. Embrace change with open arms and encourage your team to do so as well.
  6. Exacting Control through Fear Tactics: It is easier to use your position to instill fear in your employees. The question is, will this work for too long? A leader earns respect by respecting the employees.
  7. Defining Success Wrongly: You cannot win always and encouraging your team to win without following ethics is worse. You must ensure the teammates know that fair play is far better than foul wins.

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