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4 Surefire Tips to Have Productive Project Status Meetings

With numerous projects to direct, your day is filled with project meetings. The office culture makes it mandatory for everyone to attend all but how many serve the purpose? In this article at ProProject Manager, Deb Schaffer shares 4 surefire tips to have productive project status meetings.

Rejuvenating Project Status Meetings

It is depressing when people sit with dazed eyes during project status meetings after burning the midnight oil gathering materials. To spice it up, you send out agenda to relevant personnel and ask them to leave mobiles at their desk. Here are 4 effective tips to have productive project status meetings:

  1. Planning Meeting Hours During Kickoff: During the kickoff meetings, also plan the frequency and time of the project meetings.
  2. Same Day, Same Time: Schedule the meetings on the same day of the week and around the same time. Attendance in the project status meetings will be satisfactory if you get the people habituated with the timings.
  3. Meeting Minutes: If possible, make the junior-most teammate write down the meeting minutes and ensure the task rotates within the team. Everyone will then pay attention and stay engaged during the project status meetings.
  4. To-Do List: Note down attendance to ensure everyone takes project status meetings seriously. Employ the next 5 minutes for the status. Devote the next 10 minutes on the next set of deliverables. Open the floor for discussion and create action items based on the challenges mentioned. Do not forget to thank everyone before leaving.

3 Points to Remember:

  • Create Rules: Establish standard rules that all must follow during the project status meetings. Let everyone know that no small talks, mobile or laptop, repetition if late, or last-minute update will be tolerated. All should know the meeting purpose, pay respect to the speaker, and clearly state their viewpoints.
  • No Last-minute Status Update: You should know about the work status and any pending work beforehand. Convey it clearly that the team members should not wait for project status meetings to give last-minute shocks.
  • Follow-ups: Make your team member send out meeting minutes within 24 hours. You can use a template to clear confusion. These minutes help you to follow up with the task owners about the required deliverables later.

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