Knowing the A-Z of Artificial Intelligence

In this article in, Joe The IT Guy provides a useful guide on the phrases surrounding Artificial Intelligence. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Algorithms are sets of instructions written by humans and used by machines to complete tasks.


AI can kind of be described as “machines with brains.” AI can complete certain tasks quicker, and more accurately than any human.

Cost Savings

Machines now do the work humans used to – this means that organizations can now reduce costs.

Deep Learning

This is a sub-field of machine learning, but more advanced.

Ethical Dilemmas

Ethics in AI concerns itself with the creation of safe machines, the treatment of the machines, and the rights of humans.

General AI

This is the scenario wherein AI could do anything you want it to, and better than any human.

Human Protection

AI can be used for our protection and helps in the detection of diseases like cancer.

IT Tools

AI can be used to speed up processes, create efficiency, analyze large amounts of data, and more.

Job Woes

While AI is likely to ensure the loss of human jobs, it could also create a whole host of jobs too.

Language Processing

This is the part of AI that helps machines understand language.

Machine Learning

This is a sub-field of AI that learns from data – the more it learns, the smarter it becomes.

Narrow AI

This is the current stage of machine intelligence, where it can only do one task.

Pattern Recognition

Machines sometimes use pattern recognition when analyzing vast amounts of data.


AI drives quality with speed and knowledge documentation, while also reducing human error.


AI can help complete tasks faster than humans.

Universal Exploration

We can use AI to explore the universe without risking human life.

Virtual Assistants

IT desks can use Virtual Assistants for a whole host of activities, and they do not need human intervention.


AI, as it does with X-rays at the moment, can help speed up disease detection and diagnosis.

Ying & Yang

For AI to be successful, machines and humans should not be opposing forces, but rather complementary ones.

Zooming up Tasks

AI can considerably speed up processes and tasks.

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