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This 3D CT Scanner Can Speed Up Airport Security Checks

CNBC’s “This New Scanner Could Speed Up Airport Security” video shares how a 3D scanner can quicken airport security checks. The traditional scanners could give only 2D images which compelled the security personnel to handle bags manually. This delayed the whole process. Analogic Corporation came up with computed tomography (CT) scanner that displays 3D images of your bag’s content. This technology is also used in healthcare as well as for checked baggage. Now, the same equipment can be used for your carry-on bags, thanks to its decreased size. It uses algorithms and machine learning to identify anomalies. You do not need to take out your electronic devices for this scan. The company is hopeful that someday it can allow you to keep food items as well. TSA has made installations in 15 airports and is planning to buy 40 more before the year closes.

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