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Switch Roles From a Technical Expert to a Business Leader

Making a transition from a hardcore technical expert to a much accountable leadership role could be nerve-wracking. You may feel a little insecure and apprehensive about your ability to lead. But, it is essential to give yourself a career boost.

In this article at MSN, Alison DeNisco Rayome explains that anyone holding a technical role of an engineer, developer or a tech worker, it is inevitable to face an inflection point in the career. It is the time when you decide to shift focus towards a more business oriented leadership role.

The Transition Period

Being the subject matter expert, you have the power to switch, as you are innate to resolve unfortunate issues. All you need to do is, hone these key competency skills to make a major career move:

  1. Take Risks: To succeed come out of your comfort zone, determine your ultimate goal and trust your efficiencies. Put in that extra effort that may shift focus on your leadership qualities. Always raise hands to tackle a tough situation to gain visibility.
  2. Value Diversity: Inclusive and diverse approach helps in outperforming among peers. Diversity goes beyond gender, age, and experience. Therefore, embrace different perspectives to drive innovation to showcase your efficiency for the leadership role.
  3. Collaborate Across Boundaries: Hunt for best practices from around the globe, try making cultural changes and ensure addressing the most strategic goals. Look beyond your current ecosystem to understand your company’s strategy in a more transformational way.
  4. Meaningful Changes: Determine your metrics and put right KPIs to show valuable results.
  5. Managing Upside Down: Peer group support is vital to fit in a leadership role. Therefore, make efforts to build credibility among your teams and peers.

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