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How Project Management Is a Great Career Option: 9 Factors

Employees generally consider project management as a boring career option. They only see their managers composing emails, attending meetings, dictating orders, and addressing grievances. Nevertheless, the job entails more than that. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy describes how project management is a great career option.

9 Factors That Make Project Management Great

It might surprise you that there is a lot of courses, certifications, degrees, etc. that have come out for project management aspirants. One of the reasons is that there is a dearth of able and experienced project managers nowadays. Not all high performers can become a project manager on the fly. Following are the factors that make project management a great career option:

  1. Career Growth: As per the Anderson Economic Group (AEG) survey, organizations will need 2.2 million project management professionals till 2027.
  2. Pay Package: The national average annual pay package for project managers is $80,854, as per Glassdoor.
  3. Enabler for Better Life: A project management professional acts a problem-solver for the team. It enables them to provide a solution that helps the public to have a better life. In fact, you will help companies provide value to their customers.
  4. Continuous Learning: Project managers handle multiple projects, simultaneously or consecutively. You get to interact and learn along with the team and always be ready to face new challenges.
  5. Catering to Multiple Industries: Project management is required in IT, healthcare, entertainment, food and beverage industry, etc. The AEG survey conveys that sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, information services and publishing will provide career opportunities for project managers. Other fields are finance and insurance, management and professional services, utilities, oil and gas, and even church.
  6. Remote Work Opportunity: The foremost requirement in project management is communication with the team. With new technologies, you can manage a distributed team with élan.
  7. Brushing Up the Skills: Project managers must stay updated with methodologies and frameworks as well as hone their people management skills. You must update the skills every day to stay upbeat.
  8. Riding Up the Corporate Ladder: As a project manager, you learn several skills and knowledge that come in handy later in your career growth. As per Project Manager Career Ladder, product manager, chief operating officer, and leader in a startup can be some your next career options.
  9. Not Tedious: Since projects have timelines, you do not get the time to sit and sulk. Even if you are doing similar projects, the variance and challenges will keep you excited throughout the lifecycle.

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