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10 Practical Tips You Need for a Successful PPM Implementation

The project or portfolio’s success depends on how successful your PPM implementation has been. There are several approaches and software available to help you out. In this article at KeyedIn Projects, Rachel Hentges talks about 10 practical tips you need for a successful PPM implementation.

PPM Implementation Tips: Reaching the Heights

Now, the tips are not a one-size-fits-all but capture factors that you lose sight of when you do not think long-term. KeyedIn gathered 20 years of experience and lessons to write down 10 practical tips for a successful PPM implementation.

  1. Engaged Sponsorship: Find sponsors that know the system and the office politics well and will back your project whenever needed.
  2. Project Prototype: People are more engaged when they touch or feel something. Create prototypes of your product or solutions. Make presentations of the future services your company can provide when the project goes live.
  3. Automating Right: Do not follow the industry hypes if your company is not ready for it. Do not integrate the system, create guidelines, or workflow and reports until the time is ripe.
  4. Easy to Use: Your PPM implementation must be user-friendly so that it can easily garner interest. Do not try to complicate things before your team gets habituated with the prototype.
  5. Assessing Organizational Maturity: The majority of the initiatives fail because portfolio managers have done the PPM implementation too soon. Instead of assuming, assess if your company is ready for the execution.
  6. Being Supportive: If you start automating everything in the workflow when people are not ready, they will skip upgrading the systems. So, find support by recording their viewpoints and feedback.
  7. Respecting Individuality: You might be working with project managers that worked independently for a considerable time. So, do not expect to get reverence if you do not respect their individuality.
  8. Obsessing on Perfection: Perfection can be achieved when you have time after solving the critical issues for PPM implementation. Sponsors are more interested in the project completing its milestones rather than the extra frills of perfection.
  9. Focusing on Execution: Nothing matters more than the PPM implementation. Whether or not you have followed the documented processes or guidelines, the execution must be flawless in the end.
  10. Consultants: If you find consultants that provide end-to-end solutions, you have hit a jackpot. They reduce misrepresentation, lost resources, and offer you better responses.

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