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Relationship Guide to Deal With Millennials

The new age workforce comprises five generations with distinct qualities. Of these, millennials hold the maximum percentage of the overall workforce. This generation is experimental, proactive, transformational and active in switching jobs.

In this article at The Balance Careers, Ann Parker explains that millennials are not motivated by the conventional compensation and benefits. They look for upbeat methods, sustainability, flexibility, and development opportunities in their employers.

Changing Demographics

To improve or uplift their relationships with millennials, the organizations and the existing workforce need to invest in the changing demographics and make the existing work environment highly engaging. The project managers need to play a major role here to balance the generational diversity, conduct coaching, offer guidance, and provide more hands-on support. Here are some smart ways to do it:

  1. Work Engagement: Professional development is most essential to develop interest in millennials. This generation does not support conventional methods of working or waiting for retirement in a comfort zone. If they do not find their work means they will opt to walk out. Therefore, deal with them with a progressive approach.
  2. Playing to Their Strengths: Another way of engaging the millennials is by treating them as individuals, especially during the goal-setting and performance appraisal. Also, keep them involved in the process and make them aware of the impact or effect of their performance on the company growth.
  3. Collaboration: Give them the opportunity to experiment and try diverse project teams and roles. This approach will improve collaboration among teams and help them develop a strong relationship with other generations.
  4. Mentorship Program: Extend an open mentorship program to the employees. They can choose to mentor or become mentees based on the skills they can impart and the knowledge they wish to gain. Being the new generation of workers, even the millennials have a lot to offer. Empower them to share their knowledge and skills with their peers.
  5. Champion Learning: The hunger for knowledge among millennials is insatiable. Give them opportunities to strengthen and optimize their knowledge. Give them a budget to enroll in professional education and offsite conference opportunities. Ultimately, it’s a long-term investment for the organization growth.

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