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How Influence Can Help Leaders Manage Work

To get work done on time and within the stipulated budget, leaders must use their influence effectively. Today’s environment is VUCA, i.e., Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. So, you should work hard to increase the chance of your project’s success rate. In this article at Strategy Execution, Alaina Burden discusses how influence can help leaders manage work.

Using Influence to Getting Work Done

For successful projects, you need to gather adequate resources, understand the organizational processes, and boost employee morale. To get better access to resources and gather information regarding the inner workings of the organization, use your influence. Following are the 4 ways you can achieve success in this:

  1. Knowing What Works in the Organization: People, technology, economics, management, business ecosystem, and legal bindings make up for an organization. In the SELF model, leaders form the center point of three spheres—work, strategy, and the workforce. They must use their influence to explore, adjust, and align all these spheres in favor of the projects. Tools like Strategic Execution Framework (SEF) tells you the specific areas that are working well and what needs enhancement.
  2. Networking: Accenture’s Technology Vision 2018 conveys that 36 percent of companies have over two partners than they did two years ago. Operational, personal, and strategic are the three forms of networking where you can utilize your influence. In operational networks, you can enhance your operational success. For your own professional development, you can gather references. For strategic gains, you can be the bridge between the external and internal stakeholders.
  3. An Air of Reliability: When capability and trust join forces, your reliability increases and so does your influence. Stephen Covey and Rebecca Merrill’s “The Speed of Trust” discuss three specific behaviors based on how people rely on you. When they trust you, you are more transparent with them. You take ownership of your mistakes when people rely on your capability. You complete the expectations, listen to the stakeholders, and strive to increase their confidence when they do both.
  4. Understanding Politics: If you want to get on the top, be aware of the office politics. Hard work and talent can only help you achieve to a certain point. You must align your creativity and skills with the requirements and the mindset of the higher authorities. Employees that get promoted to the management level understand this game plan. They interact with the right person and gain their confidence. This is an area where your influence comes in handy a lot. Moreover, politics does not have to be dirty always. Understand the psychology of the people on the top rank and interact with them accordingly. You can use your influence then to see your ideas become reality.

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