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How Can CIOs Make their Teams Digitally Advance?

Digital tools like social media, data analytics, and mobile applications are gradually emerging as a disruptive force for all industries. Breaking the conventional norms of consumer interaction with companies, these digital tools are welcoming new business models. This opens a new avenue of opportunities for CIOs to take a more influential role in the business.

In this article at CIO UK, Thomas Macaulay explains that digital transformation needs a shift in the skills, approach, and mindset of a traditional CIO. Therefore, learn diverse ways to keep the board and all your colleagues well-versed in new technology.

Digital Blockade

Given the erratic priorities and constraints, some CIOs find it challenging to embrace digital technology than others. It is up to you as a CIO to proactively act to make your team digitally advanced, rather than passively waiting to react. Learn from these business leaders how they communicate their digital strategy to upgrade IT literacy in the organization:

  1. Show & Prove Approach: Southampton FC IT Director Matthew Reynolds explains his digital plans with ‘show and prove’ approach to align the work of IT with the overall business objectives. To implement this approach, do small pieces of work that the board recognizes and can see benefits in. Build the board’s trust to get investments.
  2. Schedule Review Meetings: Centrica CIO Mike Young keeps the leadership team well-informed about his digital strategy through a combination of scheduled review meetings and spontaneous discussions. He takes the digital strategy to the board in every six months to review progress while at the executive level, the CEO and his executive team discuss it often.
  3. Storytelling: Lowell Group Chief Data Officer (CDO) Caroline Carruthers shares her strategy through a storytelling technique that helped her business understand the GDPR requirements. To convey a message in a way that the organization understands, the CDO has to possess the right storytelling skill. Each step towards it takes you closer to where you need to be.
  4. Improve Communication: Ascential CIO Sean Harley suggests improving communications with the executive team by making presentations to the board and audit committee. It will also give the opportunity to draw on the expertise of a tech-savvy boardroom. Harley also suggests a regular visit to each region and host a quarterly global call for all staff members, which is recorded and uploaded to the intranet for future reference.
  5. Show Evidence: Eddie Stobart was not known of innovation when CIO John Court joined the transportation and distribution company in 2014. However, it has become a central part of the business. By communicating the potential of technology to the boardroom and showing them evidence of the success, Court has made this happen.

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