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CIOs Advice on the Best Way to Advance your IT Career

The career paths of people in IT is not as clearly defined as they would have hoped. The waters have been further muddied with the advancement of technology and with tech regularly replacing traditional roles and processes. Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult for tech professionals to advance their careers when they don’t know what the future holds, says Carla Rudder in an article published in the Enterprisers Project.

Experts in the field stress that flexibility and investment in oneself is key to career advancement. That’s not all, however, here are some more tips from people who do the promoting in tech.

Model positivity, openness, and flexibility

Chris Fielding, CIO, Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) places plenty of emphasis on the candidate being a team player who is flexible, open, active in discussions and exudes positivity. Leaders who approach leadership in a collaborative manner are to be appreciated as well.

Don’t lose sight of the work at hand

Mike Kelly, CIO, Red Hat has plenty of regard for candidates who are focussed on the job at hand, as opposed to those who are engaged in positioning themselves for upcoming tasks.

Own your career advancement – even if it takes weekends

Jason James, CIO, Optima Healthcare Solutions says that professionals should take charge of their own advancement and must be open to burning the midnight oil and dedicating weekends towards learning about emerging tech and networking with peers. He also holds ownership of issues in high estimation.

Focus on the information more than the technology

Deborah Gelch, CIO, Curry College emphasizes the need for candidates to develop their understanding of digital technology platforms and IT’s role in the overall picture. She adds that professionals who are adept at building models, and those who analyze data as being considerably invaluable. Furthermore, she says that leaders who add value with insights borne out of data analysis will definitely be sought after.

Act like you own the place

Mike Duensing, CTO and EVP engineering, Skuid thinks that candidates should treat the business as their own – this will create a mindset where they are more proactive, as opposed to trying to stay relevant to the business or shying away from taking risks. He expects an IT professional to think like a top leader, as this will give him/her ‘a laser focus on advancing the business within the context of your IT role’.

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