Why Anarchy Cannot Make Better Leaders

Leaders are looked up to because of the value they create for the company. Your professionalism, reasoning, empathy, and innovative ideas make others rely on your actions. However, leaders like Deciem CEO Brandon Truaxe also exist that believe anarchy is the way to leadership. In this article at strategy+business, Theodore Kinni shares why anarchy cannot make better leaders.

When Leaders Turn Despotic

Tom Peters argued that disorganized markets create more business opportunities. Meg Wheatley declared that organizations that follow no set rules are more open to new ideas and display more creativity. However, nobody mentioned if being chaotic is a sure sign of good leadership.

The Upside of Being a Despot: Anarchy can garner a lot of attention. Brandon Truaxe fired his social media team and his co-CEO Nicola Kilner. This increased the sales of the Canada-based beauty product brand and Truaxe expects US$300 million sales this year.

Behavior in the Organization: While anarchy helped Truaxe to grab attention, it did not help him earn respect in his organization. If leaders support anarchy, they do not like to be bound by rules. In fact, they can turn on their words anytime and care less about obliging with company rules. Employees are hired, promoted, and fired for no apparent reason. This creates a highly stressful work environment.

Effect on the Workforce: The morale of the workforce goes down and so does the employee retention rate. Since there are so much confusion and no clear standards to upload, the workforce cannot stay productive. Edward Lorenz talked about the butterfly effect. When it flaps its wing in the one universe, it creates a huge impact on the other. Despots too do so but the effect is always negative.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.strategy-business.com/blog/Chaos-Is-Not-a-Viable-Leadership-Style

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