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What’s the Future Like for Project Management?

If you have been in the industry for a while, you know how project management has changed in 30 years. In fact, people believe that it will become one of the major skill requirements for the future workforce. In this article at the Institute of Project Management, you come to know how the future looks like for project management.

What’s Trending in Project Management?

In the earlier days, project management was based on a set of tools. Now, companies are hiring candidates that already reflect managerial skills. After observing the patterns for a period, the Institute of Project Management has 3 trends to share:

  1. Society Will Be the Biggest Project: Today’s project management encourages acceptance of diverse workforce. Communities might implement methodologies in the future. Those will surely influence the growth of communities in terms of economy, culture, and social interactions. Increased task complexity after industrialization of communities, innovative technologies, and evolving values of generation Y will lead to this trend. Professionals from the health and education sectors too would need to hone up some management skills.
  2. More Women Will Become Project Managers: As more women join the leadership rank, project management and eligibility criteria will change the way they are now. To proclaim themselves as gender diverse firms, companies are creating an office culture that accepts female bosses. Also, more women are going for higher education and are motivated to have a long-term career growth. One of the major challenges can be that the senior management would restrict promoting women beyond a certain position. Another significant problem arises when male colleagues fail to support them in their most important task of raising kids alongside.
  3. Projects Are Becoming More Complex: Projects are more uncertain about their future than ever before. More companies are operating globally as well as recruiting and maintaining global talents. More people are enjoying urban life and there is a holistic growth in the society at large. Agile methodologies are used frequently to address these complexities and can be integrated with advanced methods in the future. So, more collaborative efforts, integration, use of statistics, and standardization would take place for project management.

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