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Learn from The Avengers to Recruit Right Service Desk Agents

Being the single point of contact for consumers, the service desk is the face of IT. To handle the complex services, the agents need to have knowledge and experience of handling technologies and procedures that may effectively support the customers.

In this article at ITSM. Tools, Jayakrisna Alagarsamy suggests recruitment tips inspired from the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ movie. Instead of remaining influenced by the past recruitment procedures, look for different skills in the IT service desk agents.

What’s the Correlation?

Being the technology powerhouse, the Starks have always pioneered innovation. They have been the inventors of significant new technologies in the Marvel Universe. The author shares the skill-requirements of ‘The Avengers’ by relating it to the IT personnel.

Nick Fury was a former officer of the US Army has joined S.H.I.E.L.D., a covert international peacekeeping organization that operates as humanity’s first line of defense against Earth’s most dangerous enemies. Consider yourself as the Nick of your organizations and look for these skills of ‘The Avengers’ in your service desk agents:

  1. Iron Man Like Passion for Technology: The IT professionals are the technically advanced lot in the organization. Some might also want to build their own Jarvis or find business use cases for the Jarvis-like Alexa in the context of the IT service desk. So, the IT service desk agent must have a passion for technology, something Nick would be looking for.
  2. Friendly Like the Spider-Man: As the IT service desk staff take a lot of calls to manage, they need to maintain a helping tone to extend desired support to the consumers. No matter how stressful their day is, they need to treat all the customers with a friendly smile. So, Nick would pick new staff who are friendly and warm like Spider-man considering his attitude during the Civil War fight.
  3. Groot Like Team Player: Even though the IT service desk agents are considered to be a subject matter expert (SME), it is essential for them to have each other’s back. Agents need to stand up for their team members the way ‘Groot’ stand for Peter Quill. Nick would definitely recruit team players like Groot but with a much better vocabulary.
  4. Resourceful Like Rocket: Building weapons would be easy if you are the Iron Man, but it would be tough to even imagine building weapons as ‘Rocket’. One of the most resourceful Avengers, Rocket, makes the most of what is available to him. Similarly, IT service desk agents should be able to make the best use of limited resources and learn how to best work with constraints.
  5. Modest Like Captain America: Despite being the First Avenger, Captain America is modest among all. The soldier does his duty without bragging about it. Similarly, the IT service desk agents might be battling major issues at late night. They are responsible for protecting the organization from potential IT disasters. Therefore, they need to have humility and modesty to handle any work situations.

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