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How a Remote Access Tool Can Benefit Your IT Service Desk?

Since the IT service desk helps the customers remotely, it is only logical to give them a remote access tool. However, IT support is addressing issues over calls even in this technology-savvy era. Sadly, the majority of the clients do not understand technicalities. This does not improve your customer satisfaction scores nor achieve the service level agreement targets. In this article at Joe the IT Guy blog, Joe discusses how a remote access tool can benefit your IT service desk.

Powering Up Your IT Service Desk

The clients that approach your IT service desk are mainly technically challenged. The IT support executives then must figure out the root cause over the phone or send an engineer. It can take a few minutes for a simple issue and a few hours for a complex one. If the client gives access to you through the remote access tool, you can come up with a solution faster. Following are the benefits the IT service desk gets through a remote access tool:

  1. Increased Cost Savings: An engineer costs you more than an IT service desk agent. Additionally, both are spending precious hours and efforts in solving the same problem. A remote access tool will allow the IT service desk to resolve the issue in the first contact.
  2. Improved First-Time Fix Rate: With the tool, your executive uses admin credentials, accesses the computer, and fixes the problem. The customers do not have to wait for an engineer or a supervisor to step in for the issue resolution. This improves your first-time fix rate instantaneously.
  3. Meeting SLA Targets: The remote access tool helps you to open the ticket, resolve the issue, and close it in no time. You do not get the chance to activate the SLA timer because you have achieved the target before time.
  4. Happy Employees: A happy employee is an engaged employee at the end of the day. A remote tool allows them to log their first-time fix, exceed SLA expectation, increase call stats while making customers happy.
  5. Better CSAT Score: If your IT service desk can resolve issues within minutes, CSAT score is sure to get better every day.

To make the remote access tool a viable option, it should be user-friendly for both the customers and the agents. SysAid and TeamViewer are good options for remote access tools.

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