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4 Ways Gamification Can Aid in Project Management

In project management, micromanagement does not work all the time. Moreover, constant pestering also reflects you are not confident about the employees. They feel disrespected and disengaged from their assignments. Companies are employing gamification to increase engagement and inculcate a sense of ownership. In this article at Business 2 Community, Paul Keijzer shares 4 ways that gamification helps managers to avoid micromanagement.

Project Management through Gamification

Once you have distributed the tasks and mentioned your expectations, the employees prefer working in peace. Constant monitoring or criticizing breaks their flow and their confidence. Gamification provides you ways to successfully deliver quality assignments without resorting to micromanagement. Here the 4 ways project managers can utilize the method:

  1. Distributing Ownership: Once you have assigned the tasks, help the team to complete the tasks. In gamified task management tools, the team members put down their guard. It becomes easy to communicate feedback. The team also starts taking task ownership more positively.
  2. Value Addition in Company Objectives: Other than a few care-free days, the majority of the time your team is overflowing with work. You must let the team members know the value they are adding to the organization’s success. Go beyond task allocations. Use the gamification method to discuss your vision and how their assignment is shaping up the company strategy. You must reach their level of understanding through gamification to make them feel a part of the bigger picture.
  3. Competitive Spirit: To improve performance, there should be healthy competition between the team members. Encourage them to optimize their efficiency and understand their potential. Through gamification, companies have successfully increased employee engagement and created a positive work culture.
  4. Work Assignment: Ensure that no two resources are working on the same task for the same client. This leads to waste of employee bandwidth, time, and infrastructure. The gamification platforms allow you to assign tasks and keep the project’s progress visible to the team members to avoid such incidents.

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