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10 Effective Time Management Tips You Cannot Avoid

When it comes to time management, managers must keep a sharp eye. The teams can only be productive when they can efficiently manage their time. In this article at a Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin talks about 10 brilliant time management tips.

Time Management Must-Reads

A good way to stay ahead in time management is planning a day ahead. Following are the 10 time management tips you can follow:

  1. Divide the Day: Ensure that nobody is overburdened with work and that you have scheduled the priority tasks first. Though you have empowered the teams to plan their own time management, track their commitments.
  2. Is Your Work Urgent or Important? Important tasks influence your company’s long-term goals while the urgent ones can impact you now. Take up the tasks that fulfill both the criteria but also look out for important tasks that turn urgent over time.
  3. Lock Down the Priorities: Block your calendar and schedule tasks as per priorities. If all are a priority, go through the assignments with a fine comb to know which carries more weight. Let your team know the priority tasks to avoid overlapping resources in multiple tasks.
  4. Have Clear Visibility about Team’s Effort: A resource management software helps in this area. Everyone in the team can see what effort they are putting in. Time management of your managerial work is equally necessary, so have some buffer time for that as well.
  5. Plan for Short-Term and Long-Term: Tasks keep pouring in but recognize what needs an immediate response and what will evolve gradually. Have a work plan that reflects your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly to-dos. When you suspect delays, take up the next assignment or optional tasks.
  6. Find Your Productive Hours: Though you should prioritize important tasks, you might be more productive around noon. Work gets done faster with a focused mind, so know your productive hours. A blocked calendar will give you the time to finish your work before you address other official tasks.
  7. Organize Your Emails: Some set rules to move emails to specific folders while others use the search button to find out the relevant information. Organizing your emails will help you with your time management.
  8. Keep All Your Project Schedules in One Place: Instead of keeping different folders for every work plan, integrate all of them in a project management software. This way you would know the overlapping days of work.
  9. Manage Conflicts: The resources assigned to multiple projects may feel overburdened and there might be a rise in conflicts. Prevent these conflicts through constant communication with your teams and discussion about the tasks before assigning them.
  10. Be Optimistic: Complaining incessantly about the workload can create a negative image of Be positive and focus on one task to complete all of them.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.girlsguidetopm.com/time-management-tips/

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