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Why Are CIOs Striving for a Mobile Work Environment?

Nowadays, it is necessary for CIOs to create a mobile work environment for the company’s remote workforce. This way they get the best of talents from all over the world. In fact, that is the game plan for IT leaders that want to disrupt the modern industry. In this article at CIO, Dan Steiner explains more about why CIOs are striving for a mobile work environment.

Need for a Mobile Work Environment

When you give employees the flexibility to work from the comfort of their homes, you find them to more engaged, industrious, and innovative. The business owners want CIOs to enable an empowered mobile work environment for these resources to secure the company’s future.

Checklist for CIOs

You can offer a variety of options to pull in these talents for your company. Following are some of the popular approaches:

  1. Faster VPN technology for a mobile work environment by connecting securely to the company database
  2. Usage of cloud platforms like G Suite, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. for secure access and transfer of company’s intellectual assets
  3. Agreements to lease laptops to enable availability of upgraded systems, technology, and applications to the remote workforce
  4. Employee information programs that enable HR and management to provide support to the global talents
  5. Cloud-based CRM platforms that allow real-time access without compromising security

What Do the Top Talents Want?

Some are productive working at night while others are early birds. Fixed workhours stop employees from achieving their full potential. The daily commutation can be another turnoff. Companies that provide this workforce with a mobile work environment can tap into their productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Fast and Secure Wins the Race

Today’s community has become more tech-savvy than ever. The rapidly changing consumer technology is one great example of how fast technology is being developed. The demand is becoming more towards faster and more secure access and storage capabilities. Previously, VPN was used for security and compatibility. Nowadays, consumers demand faster network as well.

You must incorporate the latest technology and flexible timings for a mobile work environment. The CIOs that cannot provide these to their remote employees are not making a future-forward company.

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