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Shifting Office? Prepare Your Staff for Good

Relocation brings freshness to the monotonous work environment, but is it as glorious as it seems? No, it is not. Therefore, prepare your employees in advance and break them in small teams to perform the tasks of seamless office shift.

In this article at, Brendan Bowie shares how the daunting task of shifting the office to a new location can be a painless affair.

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Most of the organizations do this blooper of not informing their employees about the move and give them a very short period to gather their stuff. But such hasty moves may lead to unwanted loss of confidential documents, files or data and may cause some unbearable major loss.

Therefore, inform the staff at least three weeks in advance or give them enough time to be ready to shift. Each employee of the organization must be aware of the date of shifting, new address, new phone number, parking facilities, and public transportation available for the new location.

Apart from spreading general information, make small teams and distribute them the crucial tasks of office shifting. Each team must contain a minimum 10-12 members. Here is what they will do:

  1. Point of Contact Team: This team should act like building management team by keeping every small detail related with the old and new office building handy with them. They must double check the dates on the lease agreement along with the utility policy in the new office, specifically for water, electricity, fire extension, trash services, and security systems. Also, let them ensure if any regulations or restrictions are there for the new and old offices related to the time of shifting or entry or exit of heavy vehicles. This team is responsible for all the office keys, building access cards, and parking information. They must keep the building map handy to ease the process of moving office stuff in each department.
  2. In-Charge of Research and Details: This team is responsible for researching and eventually hiring the van line or moving company, design firms, contractors, systems, and furniture installers, etc. The team is responsible for bringing the best quotation on the table in terms of cost, manpower, quality or work, and testimonials.
  3. Team to Map Out Moves: This team should be assigned to map out all the stuff that needs to be moved from old office to new one. They must maintain details of all the large or problematic items like big screen monitors, lab equipment, some delicate machinery, etc. It is equally essential to ensure if the hired moving company has gathered enough experience and applauds in the past for their services. Let this team collaborate with In-Charge or Research team to do this part.

Finally, to make a seamless office shift, ensure all the teams maintain fluent communication and all the team members must be well informed about each decision taken by the management. The author explains office move as just another project or office work that needs precision, coordination, and smooth communication. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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