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Order & Teamwork: The Indispensable Needs of a Project

Order and teamwork are two strong pillars of project management that are not a once and for all action, but an evolutionary activity. It demands the project managers to read the internal and external environment and apply their emotional intelligence skills.

In this article at Liquid Planner, Christian Knutson defines a three-step process to create order and establish teamwork in a multi-stakeholder project.

Order to Teamwork

In the process of project delivery, the deliberate actions taken by the project managers to move a team through forming, storming, and norming to get to performing is teamwork. But it takes a lot more than deliberate actions to establish an order in the project. Here are three steps to bring teamwork and order to your next project:

  1. RRA & RACI: To avoid chaos in projects, clearly define roles, responsibilities, and authorities (RRA) within the teams. RACI is one of the esteemed project management tools that highlights how responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed (RACI) are the team members. The RACI matrix identifies decision-making authority and flow of information among the key stakeholders while RRA matrix clarifies who is authorized to take what decision and their depth of involvement in the project.
  2. Structured Meetings: Unstructured meetings also generate chaos in project management. To make the team involved in the project, more meetings need to be scheduled to plan, resolve issues, or prepare for other meetings. The best approach is to establish an agreed meeting structure with the scale of frequency, the order of occurrence, terms of reference, and inputs/outputs.
  3. Project Governance: Most of the organizations prefer to have their own governance framework for project implementation. But the problem arises when multiple key stakeholders have their own governance framework. For an ideal situation, combine purpose-structured governance framework. The framework must consist of action, tactical-level working groups that feed into an executive-level management board.

Conveying order to the project will play a huge role in inspiring teamwork among the key stakeholders. The author believes that chaos forces the constituent stakeholders to put their shields up and retreat to their organization. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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