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Learn to Earn More in 10 Smart Ways

Growing organizations aim to stick their upper management by giving them a big hike every year. But what about those reliable hardworking employees who work at the ground level. The desired raise could be hard for them to achieve. However, that does not mean they do not get it at all.

In this article at Project Manager, Jason Westland shares how the project teams can ask for a raise without risking their reputation with their seniors.

Resisting Temptation

The author compares raise with a project that also needs appropriate planning and scheduling. If you aim to hit the bonanza, look for the right time to talk to your seniors or reporting managers. Meanwhile, resist the temptation of blocking their way randomly. Follow these suggestions to get the desired raise:

  1. Be Well-Prepared: If you expect a good raise for all your contribution in the past one year, make a list of your major contribution. Make your presence felt by showcasing your major achievements or contributions.
  2. Pitch for Yourself: Whether you pitch a business or not, learn and practice to pitch for your salary hike. Clearly communicate your contribution to the manager and showcase your areas of expertise in a presentation.
  3. Formal Dress: Appropriate uniform always leaves a mark and exhibit your professionalism. If your organization allows casuals, dress up like that but avoid inappropriate ones.
  4. Eye Contact: It helps in showcasing your confidence and alertness. Your focus towards your work or commitment to deadlines shows a lot of your gestures. So, maintain eye contact with the managers.
  5. Be Professional: Even if you need a raise for personal growth, do not talk about it to the manager. Keep your professionalism intact and tell your manager that you deserve it and not need it.
  6. Add Value: Investors capitalize on the deals that are expected to give them better returns. Unless you show how you are adding value to the organization, you will not get what you want.
  7. Know Your Worth: Do not over or undersell Do in-depth market research about your counterpart in the other organizations and demand hike as per your current market worth.
  8. Goal-oriented Approach: Managers are pleased to have goal-oriented, competitive team members in their team. Show them how you plan to expand your reach within the organization.
  9. Ask for More: Managers like people around who are hard working and are curious to do better. Be willing to take more work and exhibit the right attitude of handling more responsibilities while handling efficiently the existing ones.
  10. Take Feedback: Be ready to take the negative feedback first and aim for improvement in those areas. Also, if the manager gives positive feedback, do not show an overwhelming

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