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5 Reasons to Let Go of Traditional Meetings

Traditional meeting setups have a big ‘boring’ tag along with them. Though they are essential for strategic collaborations and decision-making, yet they end up consuming a major fraction of your productive work hours. Thus, many professionals consider them as a waste of valuable time. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Carla Rudder tells how you can let go of these boring sessions by adopting the new trending ‘stand-up meeting’ culture.

The Meeting Anxiety

Most people crib about the endless nature of traditional meetings. Industry experts emphasize on the need to spend at least two hours of effort in delivering business value. However, if you struggling to even find those two hours of free time on your calendar then it’s time to switch to a newer approach of conducting meetings. Stand-up meetings are short, regular discussions that infuse better productivity and creativity at all levels of hierarchy. Here’s why:

Less Disruption

Traditional meetings follow a more formal approach and is a big time-blocker. People need to prepare for it in advance, thereby spending more time than required. However, stand-ups are short informal discussions that can even happen over a cup of coffee during the morning hours and can keep you sorted for the rest of the day.

Better Business Value

Less wastage of time directly implies better productivity and quick contribution to the overall business value. It helps in making the teams more agile and responsive.

Team Connection

Stand-ups serve as a valuable platform to resolve interdependent issues and problems that teams may have. This way they collaborate better and be more helpful to other teams while achieving a common objective.

Streamlined Approach

Stand-ups ensure that the overall focus on the workflow is maintained and better engagement leads to efficiency optimization on the whole.

Easy Route

If you still find yourself confused about the benefits of stand-ups, then consider an example of CIO who can save a great of time by having a 15-min quick call daily rather than an hour-long meeting with his teams. Stand-ups are easy to begin and execute just like a ‘to-do’ list of your workstation.

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