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5 Benefits Only Remote Project Managers Get

Project managers are the heart and the soul of a project’s success. Organizations look up to you to bring something new to the table, be it strategies or projects. Nowadays, a lot of organizations are hiring remote project managers but are you comfortable monitoring teams remotely? In this article at, Aakash Gupta talks about the 5 benefits only remote project managers get.

Remote Management—Is It Possible?

Though project managers would any day prefer a co-located team rather than a remote team, there are benefits to managing remotely. By the time you are at work, your team has already delivered the work. If your time zone is earlier, you can plan beforehand. Following are the benefits that the remote project managers get:

  1. Healthy Balance: The most important benefit is that you do not lose time commuting. When half of the population is wasting productivity while waiting in traffic, you are already at work, remotely. You cannot ignore casual talks after meetings even when you know you must stretch to make up for the time. This does not happen when you are working remotely. You can concentrate on making the project successful. You also gain the flexibility to adjust to the team’s requirements and plan out the day accordingly.
  2. Shared Responsibilities: Though the majority of high-level tasks are for you to manage, your team also participates in the decision-making process. Since you are not micromanaging all the time, it enables team members to gain confidence in task ownership. This allows you to focus more on improving their work environment.
  3. Updates: As a remote project manager, you are active mostly between two shifts. One group gives you all the updates regarding tasks before the other comes in. If anything is pending, you can convey this to the next group without wasting time in between. Written communications add better value and precision than verbal updates or stand-up calls.
  4. Cost Management: The benefits of remote project managers are that they can act as a bridge between workers of different time zones. If stakeholders want a different approach, you can take a call before the team starts working on it. Not only do you save everyone’s time and effort, you save the project from derailing.
  5. Syncing Resources to Projects: When new resources enter the workforce, remote project managers help them to sync in faster with the ongoing project. With less time spillage in between, you gain a better-aligned resource without the preliminary hiccups.

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