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3 Ways to Become a Remarkable Virtual Intern

Often employers are cynical about hiring interns for a virtual position. They find it difficult to handle and efficiently manage the interns. To bring out quality work from them seems even risky to the employers. Therefore, to sell yourself as a virtual intern, you need to put some extra efforts.

In this article at, Kristi DePaul shares some notable ways for virtual interns to leave a mark on the employers for future prospects.

Scope for Virtual Interns

Many firms are adding programs that are exclusively designed for a virtual internship position. So, to obtain experience and marketable skills from your comfort zone is like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Those who are aiming to grab such opportunities must be aware of various websites that offer remote internships or returnships. Here are some practical suggestions to write a success story in the area:

  1. Proactive Communication: Implement all the healthy work habits like checking in with your virtual supervisor or mentor, volunteering for projects, and seeking answers to all the queries you have in mind. Constant email interactions and information exchange will boost your written communication skills. But it is equally essential to clearly exchange ideas verbally over stand-up calls. If you reach out to the reporting managers with the ideas, you not only demonstrate your desire to learn but position yourself for exciting opportunities.
  2. Autonomous Operations: Remote work goes to those with superior intellects. So, your output counts over your political acumen or social capital. Therefore, you are expected to operate autonomously. Demanding excessive amount of hand-holding might turn troublesome. To strike the right balance, commit to gaining maximum knowledge. Test the preferred tech tools of the firm and figure out how various positions and departments are interrelated. If you start shipping deliverables without much involvement of the boss, you will leave a strong impression.
  3. Constant Learning: Never ignore the fact that this experience is the key to most unexpected opportunities ahead. Approach it strategically to yield a wealth of knowledge that will shape your career ahead. Acquire as much knowledge from teammates, supervisors, and the company leaders, as possible.

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