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Win Your Digital Goals with Communication

In this digital era, innovation requires strong communication and collaboration at every organizational level. Only then, a company can truly achieve its digital transformation goals. However, establishing such a robust communication framework is a tough job, especially in a multi-national firm or a company with varied functional streams. In this article at Tech Republic, Dan Patterson shared some excerpts on digital innovation from his interview with Peter Jensen, Moleskine’s Head of Digital Innovation.

The Digital Shift

While moving to a digital setup, many organizations would come across obstacles like technological complexity, skill up-gradation, communication barriers, cultural mindsets, etc. If you observe closely, most of these hurdles can be overcome with a simple and transparent communication strategy. Here’s how you can do it:

Making the Right Move

The key to success in a technologically disruptive scenario is to communicate your business goals and priorities well in advance with a clear direction and mission statement. Only then you can ensure that you all are on the same page regardless of your technical expertise or knowledge.

Likewise, Jensen agrees that the best way to communicate and make everyone understand your point of view is by letting them realize the benefits that consumer is likely to get through this digital transformation. Consumers mean much more to a business than any technological difference or redundancy. Thus, employees are more likely to empathize with your purpose and help you in your digital initiatives going forward.

To read the original article or view the full interview, visit the following link:

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