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Why is it Necessary to Change the Organization Culture?

Very often, you might hear management executives, consultants or leadership experts about driving a change in the company’s work culture and aiming to cut down the negative vibes, criticism, and lack of innovation. In this article at Strategy+Business, Jon Katzenbach and his fellow authors explain why it is necessary to drive these change initiatives immediately as you plan them.

What is Corporate Culture?

A company’s culture reflects the basic principles that the employees adhere to while working or interacting with each other. It is necessary for this culture to evolve as the company grows or the management undergoes a shift. However, you should not wish to drive a ‘change the culture’ initiative and then expect long-term improvements immediately. Culture change requires time and commitment. Here is a list of 10 effective principles that can help in mobilizing organizational culture change:

  1. Your present work culture will have all the elements required to drive the change. Evaluate them well and use them to your advantage.
  2. Start your change initiative with the key behaviors that are tangible, actionable, repeatable, observable, and measurable. Soon, the people mindsets will follow.
  3. Focus on the critical few behaviors that when implemented will have the greatest impact on the company’s growth.
  4. Use the capability and skills of the authentic informal leaders to drive the change.
  5. Let the formal management executives lead by example and demonstrate the change required in their work style or behavior.
  6. Choose tangible behaviors that can be measured over time and ensure that they are linked to your business objectives.
  7. If there is too much gap between your planning and implementation, then employees might feel disengaged and doubt the effectiveness of your initiative. Hence, start immediately.
  8. Use the power of social media and the cross-organizational networks to spread ideas about culture change.
  9. Align the ‘culture change’ initiative with the business goals and direction.
  10. Review the work culture periodically and implement changes, whenever required.

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