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Is Project Management the Right Career Choice?

While picking a career, people analyze the rewarding future outcomes of it first. But do you really apply any principles to this analysis? Project management itself is a principle that can be applied to any occupation or even personal projects.

In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy shares the for choosing project management as a career. These reasons are backed by her personal experience of 15 years as a project manager.

Why is it the Right Choice?

The author backs her reasons with facts from leading agencies. Here is why you must choose project management as a career:

  1. Great Outlook: The role of a project manager has a bright career outlook. As per a recent study by Anderson Economic Group, the project management jobs are expected to see high growth by 2027 with about 2.2 million new project-oriented roles annually.
  2. Good Salary: The average annual salary of a project manager is about $80K and that is just an average estimate by Glassdoor. With growing exposure and experience, you can earn way ahead than this.
  3. Sensible Job: The project managers embrace a lot of responsibilities and collaborate with other teams. They inspire the team and bring balance to the project process that makes it a meaningful job.
  4. Constant Learning: The role demands constant learning to bring innovation to the work and strategy. This will give you an opportunity to challenge your horizons and growth with the team.
  5. Explore New Industry: Project management is no more limited to IT industry. Gradually, other industries are also taking it up. Exposure to different industries will count as a merit for your profile.
  6. Remote Work: Technology is bridging the gap and giving the flexibility to work from your respective locations. This means you or your team do not need to meet daily.
  7. Multiple Skills: The project managers need to acquire diverse methodologies and frameworks. Also, soft skills like communication and diplomacy are essential. You will get to learn and strengthen your skills constantly.
  8. Upward Mobility: Project management gives you the expertise and skills while making you future ready for better career opportunities. You could be a Product Manager, Chief Operating Officer, or may start your own venture and become an entrepreneur.
  9. Zero Monotony: It offers small and big projects from different consumers who have diverse needs. This means the chances of tedious work is limited. You’ll keep learning and doing something new.

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