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Is an IT Apprenticeship Scheme Necessary?

In this rapidly evolving technology space, the availability of skilled IT professionals is an essential need for every organization. However, according to recent research studies IT talent supply across companies is falling short of the demand. In this scenario, should the CIOs consider implementing an apprenticeship program to nurture good talent? Laurie Clark from CIO UK shares some industry statistics highlighting that about 69 percent CIOs fail to hire talent that can drive digital transformation.

Why Apprenticeship?

Few studies from Tech City specify that about 25 percent of UK’s technology circle is struggling to source new talent. So, what comes as a solution to this? Probably, an apprenticeship program! To test the waters, 65 percent of UK-based IT organizations are offering an IT apprenticeship scheme at present. Few among them are Clydesdale Banking Group, AstraZeneca, Barclays Bank, and United Utilities.

The Real Speak

In this regard, Geoff Connell, Head of Information Management and Technology at Norfolk County Council openly shared the kind of practices that he had implemented as a CIO at Newham and Having Councils in London. One idea among these that worked for him was to employ fresh graduates from schools and universities across various functions in the company. This way he was able to get new innovative ideas from them and make them learn the trade.

David Wilde, CIO at Essex County Council firmly believed in the benefits of such programs. In 2016, he narrated the recruitment and training programme implemented in the council that hired young people with social and disability challenges. This initiative proved effective as they could develop great work skills post which some of the apprentices even scaled up to full-time positions.

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