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How to Conquer Project Roadblocks in 5 Easy Steps?

Delivering a successful project within the desired time frame is a well-defined journey. Like any voyage, even the project managers, who lead this journey, experience numerous roadblocks on their way. These roadblocks are mostly unpredictable and detour the project journey.

Even though the project managers try hard to surpass these roadblocks by forming high-end strategies, some lessons are best learned the hard way. In this article, Elizabeth Harrin shares some major roadblocks the project managers will face and tips to address them adeptly.

Act Before it Turns Big

The author stresses over resolving a small issue before it turns a big burden. She jots down these five common project roadblocks to help you act right in any familiar situations before they turn too big.

  1. The Dearth of Collaboration: Embrace the fact that project demands teamwork and collaboration. The teams involved, be it the third-party datacenter, legal advisers, PR, and marketers, or outsourced developers, everyone should chase a common goal. If the team does not have this mindset, the project manager needs to make the team adopt it. Use technology to overcome the lack of collaboration. Implement the usage of online collaboration tools to help the teams work together but remain conscious that it won’t resolve every issue. Therefore, establish a collaborative team culture.
  2. Limited Resources: When the team lacks access to specialist individuals, tools, and equipment, or funding, it would turn into a major roadblock for the project progress. The key here is to exercise in-depth planning of the resource requirements and discuss it with the team to leave zero space for excuses later. However, during unforeseen future circumstances, talk to project sponsors.
  3. Setting Priority: Often projects suffer due to lack of prioritization by an individual playing a major role in the project process. The best solution to such situations is an elaborate discussion with the project sponsor or the PMO to get a grip on project priority tasks. Identify where the project stands in the overall hierarchy of project priorities and pass it on to the team.
  4. Bad Planning: It becomes a major hindrance when you cannot get access to the people who can help you plan effectively. The best solution here is to dedicate enough time for planning and involve everyone within the organization or outside who can get affected by it. Use the expert advice to build robust plan and put it into Gantt chart to establish a common viewpoint.
  5. Funding: Limited budget can brings a project to a halt. Still, it’s one of the most common project roadblocks that occur due to lack of planning in project requirements initially. To ward-off your project from this roadblock, list out all the requirements by discussing it with all the project teams. Also, keep monitoring the project budget and formulate your methodology accordingly.

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