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Great Work Cultures Are Result of Great Employees

Many organizations claim to have a great work culture. However, the underlying definition of a ‘great work culture’ is often misinterpreted. Many firms might equate it with perks, social activities, employee welfare initiatives, or the way things are executed by the company. But, an organization needs to look beyond that while defining work culture. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Melissa Daimler shares her knowledge of working as an HR for twenty years and how she experienced some of the best work cultures in some companies.

The Three Elements

Behaviors, systems, and practices are the three foundation pillars for building a strong work culture. However, they must be aligned with the principal set of organizational values. Only then, the business is likely to retain good employees. Any kind of gap in the work culture, commitment vs. reality, will cause the great employees to leave the company. The best way to counter such a scenario is to follow some practices like:


Create proper value statements and maintain clear expectations. Identify the behaviors and skills that are likely to match your business values. Let the employees understand what they need to fulfill if they wish to have a promotion or enjoy some perks.


Set a clear picture of the hiring process. Define annual goals but also list out the expected outcomes. The way employee assessments are done and the kind of support that is provided for professional development is also essential to maintain a great work culture.


Practices comprise the entire range of methods that the company uses while conducting special events, meetings, feedback processes, or decision-making sessions. These methods need to evolve as the company grows else they can prove to be counter-productive.

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