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Create an Actionable ITSM Roadmap: 4 Ways

The IT Service Management (ITSM) practices need a transformation to compete in the present business world. With the growth of cloud, big data, social media analytics, and the Internet of Things, IT services are reorganizing the entire industry.

In this article at ITSM.Tools, Richard Josey shares a checklist to plot an actionable ITSM roadmap for this highly disruptive business environment.

Time to Change

Even though, transformation in the need of the hour, every organization takes time to adopt change. The authors believe that the key change agents in an organization are limited in numbers, that means limited capacity. Therefore, he suggests implementing an ITSM roadmap that gives clarity on where the organization is heading.


A roadmap is a communication tool that allows the leaders to initiate their work plan and represent it in graphical form to help people understand better. It allows them to think about the challenging aspects of knowledge management, incident and configuration management and items that are the essence of change. The initial roadmap helps the organization more clarity on the IT service needs, present state and future requirements.

Once the initial planning is done, the next requirement is to fix focus on incident and knowledge management.

Refining the Roadmap

With the completion of the first draft, it would be easier to understand and list out priorities. However, constant update of the roadmap is essential until it makes much sense to its users. Further, the author suggests putting some timelines to the roadmap to raise expectations and determine the key dates to be included in the prioritization.

With a shift, the ITSM roadmap should deliver benefits at various stages and become flexible enough to adjust with time. The author believes that in IT service, many initiatives suffer due to lack of focus and unmet expectations. It happens because people lack spending time on creating the roadmap. Therefore, he suggests spending little time on creating the roadmap before shifting focus towards something else. To read the original article, click on the following link:

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