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6 Ways Keeping a Journal Makes You a Better Leader

As a leader, your brain must process bits of information collected over time and align them with your experience. However, with the influx of digital organizers and social media, you feel provoked to like, reply, and share information at the drop of a hat. In this article at strategy+business, Eric J. McNulty narrates how a journal enhances your leadership abilities.

6 Journal Tips to a Leader

In this fast-paced world, keeping a digital journal seems more logical. However, writing down makes your brain’s reticular activation system pay attention and eventually help retain information better. It activates your rational functionalities that give your cranium time for in-depth analysis and rationalization. Writing a journal also saves you from getting distracted by incessant notifications on laptops and smartphones. Self-reflection helps to connect more with the inner self and design all the information necessary for a leader. When you write freely without distraction or stress, your ideas, drives, goals, fortes, and weaknesses come to the forefront.  A leader can follow the below steps to improve his management power:

  1. Write Down Your Short-Term Goals: Start writing down your goals for the month. This will allow you to have a clear roadmap as a leader.
  2. Create Your Very Own Success Manifesto: Purpose drives people. Compose your own personal manifesto. It can include the key milestones you want to achieve as a leader or the inspirations that helped you progress so far. Update it as you deem fit.
  3. Maintain a Weekly Plan: Place your schedules and commitments on the top of the pages. The bottom half should have task lists. When any task is carried over to the next week, write down the number of times you have rescheduled it.
  4. Learn to Stay Humble: Note down what you are grateful for at the end of the day. This helps you to stay grounded in reality even after winning the best leader of the year award. Find out four to five things in life that you feel grateful for.
  5. Reflect Diligently: Apart from keeping notes related to projects and meeting minutes, you must invest in writing down thoughts as well. Self-reflection helps you gain perspective on
  6. A Fresh Start: When a new month or a week begins, start writing from a fresh page. This allows you to think better. It tricks your brain to find a new kind of energy to start something from scratch.

Annie McKee, the author of “How to Be Happy at Work,” points out that ‘Overwork and stress are epidemic. That means we’re not at our best emotionally, physically, or mentally. The antidote is to focus on activities that help us slow down, calm down, and reflect.’ While doing more might seem like an achievement, getting away from the fast-paced environment helps you to appreciate the simplest joys in life.

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