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Who You Gonna Call? Raise Your Visibility with Social Media

As a businessperson, social media plays an important role in your life and you should use it to your advantage. It can help improve your overall visibility and enable you to connect more, should you be using it properly.

The whole premise of social media is ‘connections.’ No matter what social media is used for, its primary existence and goal are to connect people. It can be about connecting friends or professionals within professional networks.

However, your social media profile has no value if it cannot be seen or found. The fewer followers or ‘fans’ you have, the less of an impact you will be having. Furthermore, you will have lesser opportunities to connect with other people from within your industry. While quality trumps quantity, for social media, having more followers can make you easier to be found. If more people interact with you and your posts, they will be viewed as more ‘relevant’ by social media algorithms. This will help your posts be seen outside your current network of friends, fans, and followers.

There are a few key ways you can help increase your social media following and improve your general visibility:

1.    Post Quality Content

High-quality content which people want to engage with is a great way to boost your visibility. You should avoid posting inane and senseless things on your profile. Reserve your social media space for posts which will resonate with your current followers and provoke a reaction. Although it can be tempting to share your personal life, you should avoid divulging it too much. People have chosen to connect and interact with you on account of your professional prowess, and not for your personal life.

2.    Plug Your Social Media Pages

You should be plugging your social media pages at every available opportunity. This includes putting link buttons on your website and cross-linking your social networks (i.e. sharing your LinkedIn posts on Twitter and sharing your tweets on Facebook). By cross-linking social media channels and buttons on your website, you increase your visibility, regardless of where they follow you. Somebody may follow you on Twitter but may not be connected with you on LinkedIn. By sharing your LinkedIn posts on Twitter, you are then visible to two different audiences.

3.    Optimize Social Media Pages

There are not a lot of information fields you must fill out on the social media pages for no reason. They serve a purpose: to optimize your profile and make you easier to be found. Generally speaking, the more fleshed out your profiles are, the easier you are to find. More information about you makes it easier for people to find you through search algorithms. Also, you will be viewed as more trustworthy and therefore more ‘relevant’ to social media sites. As a result, your posts will be shown to more people outside your network.

4.    Use Hashtags

Hashtags are not just a way for young people to casually express themselves. They are a powerful tool in professional networking. Hashtags will make you and your posts appear in more searches. Just make sure that the hashtags you use remain professional and are not overused or obnoxious. Hashtags can even go in the middle of your posts and you can turn keywords such as ‘business’, ‘economic,’ or any other relevant keyword, into hashtags. Professionals tend to browse formal hashtags and it is an excellent way to gain some exposure.


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