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Want to Retain IT Employees? Personalize Their Perks

Traditional perks for IT employees include healthcare, vacation tickets, etc. However, to make them stay back in your company, you must think better than these usual benefits. In this article at CIO, Sharon Florentine talks about how personalizing perks as per IT employees’ lifestyle should prove more beneficial.

What’s in an IT Perk?

During a talk in a Volvo dealership association in Sweden, one of the leaders suggested offering a beer tap and kegs to millennials like the companies in the Silicon Valley. To this, Patty McCord, principal at Patty McCord Consulting, answered that millennials are right now starting families. This sort of incentives will not interest them anymore. McCord, the former head of Netflix’s talent acquisition team, created an HR policy that is applicable to all IT departments. Her agenda is simple. You should provide perks based on your workforce culture and demographics and then personalize them as per individual requirements.

  1. Taking Culture and Demographics into Consideration: In an organization, people come from diverse cultures with different levels of priorities and belief systems. Chris Whitlow, CEO of Edukate, says you need to plan out IT benefits based on individual demographics and culture to motivate IT employees. Jeff Weber, senior vice president at Instructure, asked employees their requirements before offering perks. While employees in their thirties would prefer healthcare plans for their parents, the younger group will go for student loans.
  2. Personalizing Perks Further: Whitlow projects that personalizing perks will be more manual and complex in the future. It will resemble an open architecture to which you can add or remove parts as required. He further says that each role will have perk options out of which employees can choose whichever applies to them. These options can be modified based on changing demographics or individual requirements.

Whitlow points out that IT employees hardly use their perks as they find the facilities are not enough to fulfill their requirements. However, if you pay more attention to individual perks and provide them relevant benefits, resources would want to work for you and stay back to enjoy those facilities.

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