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Tips to Manage Ambitious Team

Being ambitious is essential for a business as it drives the need to try harder, innovate, bring out creative solutions and constantly strive for improvement. In the corporate world, finding ambitious team members is easy but retaining them for long is tough.

Identifying and fostering ambition leads to business growth, but what if ambitious team members start looking for better growth prospects? In this article at Help Scout, Martin Kõiva talks about the need for employee engagement and team motivation techniques.

Boosting Immunity

Before getting into employee engagement techniques, it is essential to identify and address significant challenges the team has been facing. The biggest and foremost challenge faced by the customer support team is to get right speed, obviously along with the exact approach to keep the consumers engaged. The author suggests some practical actions to help the team in mastering the job and achieving solid results:

  1. Constant Feedback: To ramp up the team’s confidence and help them learn to maintain high quality, give constant feedback. Acknowledge them for exemplary interactions and point out the evident mistakes.
  2. Keep Mentoring: Establish an open environment for the new hires and make them comfortable enough to ask questions and clear doubts constantly. In fact, the author suggests assigning a ‘go-to person’ within the team of experienced staff will be helpful in team motivation and inspire the new hires too.
  3. Specialization: Helping the team members develop a specialization in any specific skill will prove beneficial for the company. Getting subject matter expertise in ‘dealing with a new trial user’ or ‘conversation subject category’ will be helpful in future endeavors.
  4. Deputize: This will help in bringing out the best in your team. Also, deputizing senior managers for special projects will expose them to the challenges faced by senior authorities. This will help them understand each other’s perspective better.

The author admits that the nature of a customer support job is repetitive and stressful. To retain the most ambitious people, keep them engaged and motivated with these practices. To read the original article, click on the following link:

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